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Justin English

Assistant Professor of BiochemistryJustin English

B.A. Cornell University

Ph.D. University of North Carolina



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Molecular Biology Program

Biological Chemistry Program

Directed evolution, protein engineering, molecular tool development, synthetic biology, pharmacogenomics, G-protein coupled receptors, cell signaling, neuroscience


We create and apply molecular tools to control and understand human health and disease. We strive to quickly share our discoveries, combining contemporary methods of directed evolution and protein engineering with classic principles of pharmacology and biochemistry. Please see our lab website for more details on our ongoing research projects.


Selected Publications:

  1. English, J.G., Olsen, R.H.J., Lansu, K., Patel, M., White, K., Cockrell, A.S., Singh, D., Strachan, R.T., Wacker, D., and Roth, B.L. (2019). VEGAS as a Platform for Facile Directed Evolution in Mammalian Cells. Cell 178, 748-761.e17.
  2. Che, T., English, J., Krumm, B.E., Kim, K., Pardon, E., Olsen, R.H.J., Wang, S., Zhang, S., Diberto, J.F., Sciaky, N., et al. (2020). Nanobody-enabled monitoring of kappa opioid receptor states. Nature Communications 11, 1145.

  3. English, J.G., Shellhammer, J.P., Malahe, M., McCarter, P.C., Elston, T.C., and Dohlman, H.G. (2015). MAPK feedback encodes a switch and timer for tunable stress adaptation in yeast. Sci. Signal. 8, ra5–ra5.

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Last Updated: 5/5/21