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Career Resources

University of Utah Career Services provides many resources for the job search and career planning.  Check out their online resources, including free access to CareerShift, an online service helping you find networking opportunities.

Science magazine’s “Individual Development Plan” is a free service aimed at helping scientists in career planning. Questionnaires about your skills, interests, and values will match you to careers options and provide links and resources for each career.

Another Science magazine resource with articles on a variety of different science career paths and current science career trends


CaDeTs Career Development Training Series

Our Goal:

To foster opportunities for PhD Students and Research Trainees to develop skills for success throughout their PhDs and future careers.

2019-20 Events

Friday, September 6th 2019

Being Proactive in your Career: How to Communicate Effectively


Barbara Wilson, PhD, Dean of College of Nursing 

Ofer Rog, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biology 

Minna Roh-Johnson, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry


Friday, October 4th 2019

Finances in the Scientific World: How to Find Funding & Plan Spending at Any Stage



Brent Brown, Director, Office of  Sponsored Projects 

Bryan Webster, Associate Director, Dept. of Pathology 

Kristen Kwan, Associate Professor, Dept. of Human Genetics


Friday, October 25th 2019

Advocating for Science & Reaching a Broader Audience


Amy J. Hawkins, PhD, Instructor, Department of Biochemistry 

Court Strong, PhD, Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences 


Friday, November 15th 2019

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting for your PhD & Beyond


Kyla Ost, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Pathology 

Allison Weis, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Pathology 

Matt Miller, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biochemsitry


Thank you to all our Speakers and Guests!

Series Organized by the CaDeTs Student Committee


Previous CaDeTS

2018-19 CaDeTS Events

 Annual Career Day
Career Day 2017 image

Friday, October 18, 2019

Full Listing of 2019 Speakers and Schedule


Career Workshops with Nancy Houfek

Strategic Persuasion: Achieving Success in Meetings & Negotiations

The Performing Art of Science Presentation


12:30 - 2:00 pM
 Networking LUNCHES:
Donald E. Ayer, PhD
Professor, University of Utah
Department of Oncological Sciences 
Adam Douglass, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Utah
Department of Neurobiology & Anatomy 
Zhizhou Ye
Research Scientist 
Tolero Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 
Kimberly Frizzell
Clinical Variant Scientist Supervisor 
ARUP Laboratories
Science Publishing
Wesley I. Sundquist, PhD
Distinguished Professor, University of Utah
Department of Biochemistry, Co-Chair
Grace Hsu, ALM, MS, CMI
Board Certified Medical Illustrator 
Scientific Animator in the Animation Lab
Shraddha Nayak, PhD
Biomedical Illustrator 
Postdoctoral Fellow in the Animation Lab
Clinical Research
Jeff Robison, MD
Director Global, Rural & Underserved Child Program 
Assistant Professor Pediatrics, University of Utah School of Medicine 
Division of Pediatrics Emergency Medicine
Government & policy
Representative Elizabeth Weight
Utah House of Representatives
Sasha Luks-Morgan 
Society for Neuroscience Early Career Policy Ambassador


Previous Career Days

2018 Career Day  | 2017 Career Day | 2016 Career Day


Career Resource Library

The Program Office has a collection of Career Resource books available to check out.  Email to check for availabilty.

Books about careers in academia:

Bloomfield, Victor A., and Esam E. El-Fakahany. The Chicago Guide to Your Career in Science: A Toolkit for Students and Postdocs. Chicago: U of Chicago, 2008. Print.

Feibelman, Peter J. A Ph. D. Is Not Enough: A Guide to Survival in Science. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1993. Print.

Reis, Richard M. Tomorrow's Professor: Preparing for Academic Careers in Science and Engineering. New York: IEEE, 1997. Print.


Books about non-academia careers:

Kreeger, Karen Young. Guide to Nontraditional Careers in Science. Philadelphia, PA: Taylor & Francis, 1999. Print.

Robbins-Roth, Cynthia. Alternative Careers in Science: Leaving the Ivory Tower. San Diego: Academic, 1998. Print.

Sindermann, Carl J., and Thomas K. Sawyer. The Scientist as Consultant: Building New Career Opportunities. New York: Plenum, 1997. Print.


Books about career planning and professional development:

Fiske, Peter S., and Peter S. Fiske. Put Your Science to Work: The Take-charge Career Guide for Scientists. Washington, DC: American Geophysical Union, 2001. Print.

Rosen, Stephen, and Celia Paul. Career Renewal: Tools for Scientists and Technical Professionals. San Diego: Academic, 1998. Print.



Last Updated: 7/10/20