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Grzegorz (Greg) Bulaj

Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology

Molecular-Behavioral Combination Therapies, Digital Therapeutics, Mobile Medical Apps, Epilepsy, Pain, Depression, Cancer

Greg Bulaj


Biological Chemistry Program


M.Sc. University of Wroclaw, Poland

Ph.D. University of Wroclaw, Poland



The long-term goal of our research is to develop drug-device combination therapies which simultaneously target a disease at molecular and behavioral levels. The molecular-behavioral combination therapies consist of pharmaceutical drugs and disease self-management content which is delivered via digital therapeutics (software as a medical device, or SaMD). This strategy aims to improve both therapy outcomes and medication adherence for chronically-ill patients. Our research includes creating digital content for SaMD to be combined with antiseizure drugs. Examples of our collaborative projects include: (1) an exercise-empowerment mobile game therapy for pediatric oncology patients, and (2) mobile software for people with epilepsy.


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Last Updated: 7/10/23