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Core Facilities

The School of Medicine and the Huntsman Cancer Institute operate a number of shared HSC Core Facilities that offer a variety of advanced technologies, equipment and capabilities.

The goal of the Cores is to make technology and expertise available to all faculty members and students. The institutional view is that supporting core facilities is the single best way that institutional funds can be used to promote the University’s research mission.

HSC Core Facilities Site

Videos about Some Cores Services!


Highlighted Cores:

Bioinformatics Facility

This facility can assist you with genomics experiment design, next-generation sequencing analysis, data analysis methods selection, data visualization, and choice of analysis software. 

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Cell Imaging

The Cell Imaging Facility provides training and consultation on confocal microscopy, widefield automated microscopy, and software analysis tools for quantitative analysis of image data.

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Centralized Zebrafish Animal Resource (CZAR)

This Core provides state-of-the-art systems for housing, breeding, and doing experiments with zebrafish, an emerging vertebrate model system.

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DNA/Peptide Synthesis

This core offers investigators synthetic peptides for use in generating antibodies; and it also provides oligonucleotide synthesis services.

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Transgenic/Gene-targeting Mouse Facility

The Transgenic and Gene-targeting Core offers related procedures including sperm freezing, embryo freezing, rederivation of mouse lines, IVF, karyotyping, and has added new services including ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) and development of ES cell lines from your mouse line. 


The Genomics Core Facility provides cost effective, high throughput genotyping and fragment analysis services to the research community. 

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Last Updated: 5/5/21