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Darrell R. Davis

Professor and Chair of Medicinal Chemistry and Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry

RNA Structure/Function

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Molecular Biology Program

Biological Chemistry Program


B.S. University of Puget Sound

Ph.D. University of Utah



Research in our laboratory is directed toward optimizing the activity and selectivity of a lead therapeutic with activity against diverse viruses.  

Targeting the translation of viral mRNAs that are obligated to use human cellular processes can provide therapeutics against coronavirus variants and future pandemic viruses.   We are elucidating the activity of a class of antivirals having a novel mechanism of action with the expectation this research could provide new therapies.



Reduction of COVID-19 viral infection in Vero cells by compounds DD011-E2, and DD011-E1.

Reduction of COVID-19 viral infection in Vero cells by compounds DD011-E2, and DD011-E1.   The lead compounds are an enantiomeric pair where the E1 isomer is almost inactive against SARS-CoV-2, the EC50 for E2  = 140 nM .  Similar differential activity is seen against other coronaviruses (hCoV-OC43), as well as phylogenetically distant viruses such as HCV and Zika.  A common pattern of activity supports a conserved, host-targeted mechanism of antiviral activity.

References (Selected Publications)

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Last Updated: 8/24/21