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Shreya Goel

Assistant Professor of Molecular Pharmaceutics and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Radiology and Imaging Sciences

Molecular Imaging, Nanomedicine, Bioengineering, Biophysical Microenvironment

Shreya Goel


Biological Chemistry Program


Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison




Our research program focusses on the use and development of molecular imaging and nanobiotechnology tools to refine the way we visualize, treat and manage cancer and other diseases. We implement multimodal molecular imaging technologies, in particular, positron emission tomography, computer tomography, and optical and optoacoustic imaging to interrogate the biophysical microenvironment of a disease before, during and after treatment. We also harness these technologies to delineate the pharmacokinetics of macromolecular and nanomaterials-based therapies in vivo at multiple spatio-temporal length scales. By using cutting-edge technologies, we intend to: 1) enable biology-guided modulation of the disease microenvironment to convert non-responders to responders, and 2), guide rational design of effective and innovative therapies; which will have outstanding impact on biological and medical sciences.

Shreya Goel



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