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Scott Summers

Professor and Chair of Nutrition and Integrative Physiology and Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry

Co-Director of the Diabetes and Metabolism Research Center

Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, Metabolic Disease, Sphingolipids, Ceramide, Insulin Resistance and Beta Cell Failure

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Molecular Biology Program

Biological Chemistry Program


B.S. Indiana University

Ph.D. Southern Illinois University



Ceramides are products of fat and protein metabolism that accumulate in individuals prone to metabolic disorders. Once ceramide levels rise above a critical threshold, tissues become unresponsive to insulin, the hormone that facilitates nutrient storage. The Summers Laboratory found that implementing pharmacological or genetic engineering strategies to block ceramide accumulation in rodents improves insulin sensitivity and prevents the onset of diabetes and fatty liver disease. Building upon these discoveries, they now seek to understand the regulatory mechanisms governing ceramide synthesis or action and to identify new therapeutic strategies for reducing ceramides to treat these pathologies.

Ceramides are necessary and sufficient for diet-induced impairment of thermogenic adipocytes

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Rotten to the Cortex: Ceramide-Mediated Lipotoxicity in Diabetic Kidney Disease

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Last Updated: 7/11/23