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Aik Choon Tan

Professor of Oncological Sciences

Translational Bioinformatics, Cancer Systems Biology, Cancer Data Science, Computational Immuno-Oncology, Precision Oncology

Aik Choon Tan


Molecular Biology Program


B.Eng. University of Technology Malaysia

Ph.D. University of Glasgow




The Tan Lab conducts translational bioinformatics and cancer systems biology research to understand and overcome treatment resistance in cancer through biomarker discovery, predicting drug combinations, and co-targeting tumor microenvironment. The Tan Lab acts as a "connector" to provide seamless integration of computational and statistical methods in experimental and clinical research. Our lab is currently working in the following research areas:

  1. Developing predictive biomarkers from multi-omics data integration
  2. Decoding tumor ecosystems using integrative approach
  3. Predicting drug combinations using network-based approach

Please visit our lab website for more information.

Last Updated: 8/2/23