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Heejin Yoo

Assistant Professor of School of Biological Sciences

Plant immunity, Plant metabolism, Translational regulation, Programmed cell death, Effector triggered immunity, Systemic acquired resistance, Salicylic acid, Plant volatiles

Heejin Yoo


Molecular Biology Program


B.S. Seoul National University

Ph.D. Purdue University



Our lab research is focused on understanding how plants coordinate metabolic pathways and defense mechanisms to optimize plant growth and defense. Since plants do not have specialized immune cells, plants need to allocate their energy and resource properly to either growth or defense depending on environmental conditions. Our aim is to understand the underlying mechanisms through transcriptional and translational regulation, and metabolic dynamics during plant innate immunity. This research will ultimately enhance our knowledge of molecular mechanisms and interactions between defense signaling and metabolic regulation to optimize or maximize crop yield and disease resistance. Specifically, projects in my lab include:

  1. Regulatory mechanism of salicylic acids for plant immunity in various plant species
  2. The role of amino acids for plant immunity
  3. The role of plant volatiles for plant immunity
  4. Global translatome analysis using ribosome profiling during plant systemic immunity
  5. Functional analysis of metabolic pathways during plant immune response
  6. The role of helper NB-LRR for plant immune mechanisms.

References (Selected Publications)

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Last Updated: 8/5/22