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Xiaoyang Zhang

Assistant Professor of Oncological Sciences

Cancer Genomics, 3D Genomics, Genome/Epigenome Editing

Xiaoyang Zhang


Molecular Biology Program

Biological Chemistry Program


B.S. Fudan University

Ph.D. Dartmouth College



The Zhang Lab applies 3D genomics approaches to investigate the interplay between cancer genome and epigenome. We are interested in how genetic alterations cause epigenetic and transcriptional dysregulation favoring tumorigenesis, with a long-term goal of discovering novel therapeutic targets. Our group utilizes genome/epigenome analysis and high-throughput screening to generate hypotheses that we test using cutting-edge CRISPR technologies.

Our research uniquely spans the interface between computational and experimental biology. The research directions include the following:

  • Identify and characterize recurrent noncoding genomic/epigenomic alterations in cancer
  • Investigate the function of oncogenic transcription factors in cancer, particularly in 3D genome context.

References (Selected Publications)

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