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Biochemistry/Structural Biology Interest Group

The Biochemistry & Structural Biology Interest Group supports a range of activities for graduate students, including advanced elective courses, journal clubs, and seminars by internationally recognized investigators. Associated laboratories aim to understand the molecular basis for important biological processes by using a wide variety of experimental approaches, including x-ray crystallography, NMR, electron microscopy, enzymology, virology, and protein design. Participating faculty members accept students from the Graduate Programs in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Biology.


Biochemistry/Structural Biology Interests

Interests of the Biochemistry & Structural Biology community are diverse and include:

  • Macromoleclar Machines
  • HIV Entry, Budding and Assembly
  • Protein Design
  • RNA Processing
  • Regulated Proteolysis
  • Ubiquitin Pathways
  • Enzyme Mechanisms
  • Metabolic Regulation and Signaling
  • Intracellular Trafficking
  • Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions
  • Metalloproteins

Many students and postdocs within the B&SB IG are supported by Training Grant Fellowships in: Biological Chemistry, Hematology, Microbial Pathogenesis, or Genetics.  A description of the activities and requirements for trainees supported by these training grants can be found on the training grant websites.


Faculty/Laboratory Participants

Faculty members of the Biochemistry & Structural Biology Interest Group are located throughout the campus:  Each member of the MBP is affiliated with a University of Utah department, and these departments occupy space in several buildings on campus: School of Biological Sciences - Life Science, South Biology, and Aline W. Skaggs Buildings; Biochemistry - Medical Center and Emma Eccles Jones Medical Research Building; Human Genetics - Eccles Institute of Human Genetics; Neurobiology & Anatomy - Wintrobe Building; Oncological Sciences - Medical Center and Huntsman Cancer Institute; Microbiology and Immunology Division - Medical Center and the Emma Eccles Jones Medical Research Building.


Last Updated: 5/5/21