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Gene Expression Interest Group

Regulation of gene expression is fundamental to cell identity, fate, and growth control. Thus, researchers interested in the regulation of gene expression come from a wide range of biological disciplines including cancer biology, developmental biology, human genetics and cell signaling (among others). Utah has remarkable strength in gene regulation research - with laboratories engaged in genetic, molecular, biochemical and genomics approaches. New technologies such as microarray and genome-wide chromosomal localization have revolutionized gene expression analysis, and Utah features a Microarray Core Facility that enables these approaches with multiple organisms. Particular strengths include 1) the analysis of transcription factors important for development and/or cancer 2) chromatin modification and remodeling in transcriptional control, and 3) DNA methylation in regulating gene expression and development. Scientists with these and related interests are brought together by the Gene Expression Interest Group, which is organized by Brad Cairns, and which sponsors journal clubs, advanced classes, data presentations, and social events.


Faculty/Laboratory Participants

Faculty members of the Gene Expression Interest Group are located throughout the campus: Each member of the MBP is affiliated with a University of Utah department, and these departments occupy space in several buildings on campus: Biology- Life Science, South Biology, and Aline W. Skaggs Buildings; Biochemistry- Medical Center and Emma Eccles Jones Building; Human Genetics- Eccles Institute of Human Genetics; Neurobiology & Anatomy- Wintrobe Building; Oncological Sciences- Medical Center and Huntsman Cancer Institute; Pathology- Medical Center and the Emma Eccles Jones Building.

Use this map, to see where these departments are located.

Last Updated: 5/5/21