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Genetics Interest Group

The Genetics Interest Groups support a range of activities for graduate students, including advanced elective courses, journal clubs, and seminars by internationally recognized investigators. Associated laboratories utilize the power of genetics to answer important questions in biology, ranging from basic developmental processes to the diagnosis and treatment of genetic disease. including understand the underlying pathophysiology of genetic disorders. These goals are being achieved using a wide variety of experimental approaches, including genetics and molecular biology in organisms ranging from prokaryotes to humans. Participating faculty members accept students from the graduate programs in Biological Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Neuroscience.

The Genetics Training Grant supports students doing genetic research and sponsors seminars throughout the year, including a yearly retreat.


Faculty/Laboratory Participants

Faculty members of the Genetics Interest Group are located throughout the campus:  Each member of the MBP is affiliated with a University of Utah department, and these departments occupy space in several buildings on campus: Biology - Life Science, South Biology, and Aline W. Skaggs Buildings; Biochemistry - Medical Center and Emma Eccles Jones Building;Human Genetics - Eccles Institute of Human Genetics; Neurobiology & Anatomy - Wintrobe Building; Oncological Sciences - Medical Center and Huntsman Cancer Institute;Pathology - Medical Center.

Use this map, to see where these departments are located.


Last Updated: 5/5/21